Bevels! (Intermediate): Snowflakes

with Kelli Noirot

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Welcome back to the Stained Glass shop!

It's rumored that Boulder gets 300+ days of sunshine every year, but that doesn't mean it's always warm and sunny! Let's have a little fun with prisms and make some snowflake suncatchers with bevels! We have an assortment of smaller bevel shapes that you'll use to put together a snowflake you'll want to display year-round! 

Prerequisite: Prior attendance to Intro to Stained Glass course and/or prior personal experience doing stained glass

COST: $100 for non-members, 25% off for members!

After this class, you will:

  • - Know how to foil bevel pieces (they can be fiddly!)
  • - Use a wire armature to structure or enhance your snowflake design





If you need to cancel your RSVP, the following policy applies:

  • 2+ days away: full refund, please contact instructor for refund instructions.
  • Less than 2 days: no refund*, your registration is non-transferable and is considered a donation to the shop

Cancellation does not automatically get you an opportunity to reschedule. Any rescheduling is subject to existing class availability and instructor's discretion.

If less than a minimum of 2 students (or 50% of total allotted registration slots, whichever is greater) are registered as of the day prior to class, the instructor(s) may choose to cancel or postpone the class. If this occurs, you will be contacted directly to discuss options.


A no-show with no proof of timestamped attempted contact prior to the start of the class will forfeit the class fees and the funds will be considered a donation to TinkerMill, even if due to illness. Even if the instructor does not get the message before class, if there is a timestamp to show there was an attempt, it'll count as prior contact. This can be via email, Slack message, carrier pigeon, etc.

* If the need to cancel or a no-show is beyond your control, please speak with the instructor to discuss. Resolution is subject to instructor's discretion.


Closed-toed shoes and pants (or wearing a lap covering like an apron) long enough to cover down to your knees at a minimum are required for safety reasons. There is always a risk of hot solder splatter or glass shards as projectiles while creating stained glass art.

It is very easy to get minor cuts on your hands during glass work. We have a first aid kit and bandages on hand, but please note that you may get nicks or cuts on your hands or fingers during this class. If you have a medical bleeding disorder or similar health risk with skin wounds, please keep this notice in mind


Class is open to anyone 18+ or those between ages of 14-17 with a parent/guardian is also in attendance as another attendee. No exceptions.


This craft and class typically involves physical contact with LEAD, a material known to potentially cause bodily and/or reproductive harm with certain exposures, especially if ingested. We have a heavy-metals removing hand soap available in the shop for handwashing, as well as nitrile gloves available if you wish to eliminate/reduce physical contact with the solder entirely (typical solder we use is a mix of 60% lead and 40% tin). Feel free to bring gloves of your own if you wish, but you will need finger dexterity (so nitrile-dipped gloves are good, heavy leather work gloves are a bad idea).

In general, students are told to wash their hands thoroughly after handling any solder, any finished pieces, and any tools used in the shop - just don't lick the solder or any finished pieces, eat with unwashed hands after touching anything in the shop, and they should be fine. Lead-free solder is available upon special request for personal shop use, but will NOT be used in this class by default.


If you think you'll need it, please bring a snack with you, as we do not have any to give out. If you bring a beverage, make sure it's a water bottle or a beverage container with a lid or cap. You can refill water bottles here!

Date & Time
December 23, 2023
1:00 PM 5:00 PM US/Mountain


1840 Delaware Place
Unit A
80501 Longmont
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Kelli Noirot

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