Metals 309: Lost Wax Casting

Making metal objects since BCE

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Lost Wax Casting

The Ancient art of replacing a wax model with Hot Molten Metal!

Attend and see the magic unfold!

Lost Wax Casting By DGF Studio 13 TM 2020



This class is the first in a series of three classes.
In this first session, we will briefly explore the history of lost wax casting, walk through the whole process and begin wax carving.

The other two classes will be scheduled during this class after discussion with attendees.
This class is a three-day commitment, you will need to be present for all three days to complete the casting.

Agenda for Day 1: Overview and Wax Works (2-3 hour class)
   *Brief slide show -whole process overview
   *Walk through the wax process and tools
   *Design chat*Begin carving

Agenda for Day 2: INVEST (2-3 hour class)

    * Recap and check in
    *walk through sprue construction
    *walk through invest process
    * Sprue and invest  
    *weigh out metal
    * talk about kiln activity and arrange casting order

Agenda for Day 3: CAST (2-hour class)

             *Recap and check in

*walk through casting process

*prep casting tools

*closing discussion and clean up

What to bring:

Day 1: Notebook or sketchbook and writing utensil, comfortable clothes suitable for a shop setting, closed toed shoes and any designs or ideas you may already have. Wax and tools will be provided for your use and are included in your fees.

Day 2: Notebook or sketchbook and a writing utensil, your completed wax model, your respirator (The need to purchase this equipment will b explained and detailed in the first day.) and your preferred metal. (ancient bronze casting grain is included in your fees up to 2oz)

Day 3: Your notes and a writing utensil, cotton clothing suitable for fire work, work shoes, your respirator and safety glasses.

Where to find the class: On day 1 we will start in the board room just off the front entrance, we will complete the class in the metalcraft, jewelry, and lapidary shop in the main area. *The remainder of classes will be held in the metalcraft, jewelry, shop.

The cost of the class is $275.00. The cost covers three days of instruction, equipment and shop use, most materials (wax, sprues, investment and metal), and a casting you get to keep.
If you are not yet a member, we encourage you to sign up! We are always accepting new members, please visit our website to find out more!

** Due to the nature of some of the materials and processes used in this class it is not recommended for those under 16. Under 18 attendees will need a parent or legal guardian present during the whole class time.**

Date & Time
September 19, 2023
6:30 PM 8:30 PM America/Denver


1840 Delaware Place
Unit A
80501 Longmont
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Crystal L Hinds


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