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This event is not an in-person class. These are the directions for the pre-requisite homework. Please read and understand the entire description below.

In-Person Class after homework: $135 (25% off for members)

=== Homework ===

Homework required for training on the ShopBot CNC router will allow more makers to be trained in a shorter period of time. With our limited resources we are asking that classroom time be moved to homework to prepare for actual operational training. 

Here is the assignment:

  1. Download the software used for operating the machine at 

  2. Design a project by either using the built in vector drawing package or import a vector file of your own for developing a tool path.

  3. Use the tools in the software package to create a tool path. It is best to use the tool that will be provided in the class (1/4" straight cut end mill).

  4. Use the simulation feature to run your tool path virtually. (Note, you will not be able to save your tool path.)

  5. Take a screen shot of the simulated tool path and email to

After completing this step you can be scheduled for hands on training on the ShopBot

Depending on the backlog of students it may take a few weeks for the instructor to get back to you. The instructor will reach out via email to set up a time when they have their next known availability. When coming to training, please have your Vcarve file ready. You can save your vector files created in the drawing tab of V-Carve. You can use that file during the hands on portion of the class.

What to expect for In-Person Training:

The one-on-one class/checkout will take 2.5 to 3 hours. You will need to bring the following to the one-on-one class:

  • The material you want to use for your part.

  • .crv file (saved from VCrave) of the part you wish to cut out.

  • $100 for the class fee + 1/4" straight cut bit

  • Any special tooling that you might need for your file. We do have 3 different collets if you wish to bring special tooling: 1/2", 1/4" and ~1/8". Please only bring/use carbide bits on the ShopBot.

  • Knowledge of speeds and feeds for the tools you will be using. Look online for some suggested speeds and feeds. We will also review these before we start cutting.

This class will only cover the 2.5D manufacturing. We will cover 3D parts in a separate class (will probably be much shorter).

Date & Time
February 12, 2024
12:00 AM 12:00 AM US/Mountain


1840 Delaware Place
Unit A
80501 Longmont
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