Vacuformer Basic Training and Certification

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A vacuum former heats a sheet of plastic (or other material) until it is soft and then sucks that soft plastic around a buck. A buck is a shape you want the plastic formed into and usually needs to have draft so you can remove it from the newly formed plastic part.

The machine has four different size platens from 12.5"x8.5" to 24"x48"

We will be going through the following;

  • Safety concerns before and when using the machine.

  • The controls and how to use the machine.

  • Different plastic options and ones to avoid or are prohibited as being unsafe.

  • Basics pitfalls in buck creation.

We will run through several practice parts to get a feel for the process on the smallest platen. The material will be supplied for these practice parts.

If you wish to use your plastic and buck for the class, please talk to me about it first. If you don't contact me beforehand, we will only allow the practice part prepared for the class.

Date & Time
January 23, 2024
5:00 PM 7:00 PM US/Mountain


1840 Delaware Place
Unit A
80501 Longmont
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Erik Akia


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